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How to Connect to the Harp Webmail WIFI

In order to be able to connect to the Harp local Webmail system you need to have a laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone or anything you can use to connect to a local wifi and browse. 

  1.  Drive near the Claremont location at Bryn Mawr Rd, Claremont, CA.

  2. Search for the HArp local Wifi Signal (ID is HARP 

  3. Once connected, open your browser and type in the browser address bar.

  4. * You cannot use this system to browse the Internet but only to send an email.  

  5. A local webmail page will open and will ask for login and password. Send request to  

  6. Type in the Log-in and Password provided.  

  7. Create your email. Include your name in the subject line. This way the recipient would know right away it is coming from you. 

  8. CC your own email address so that you will have a copy of the email.

  9. Send your email and check later if you expect a response.

Here is how your email is sent out via Ham Radio.

The Harp USA webmail saves your email and transfer it to a program called BPQ.

This program then runs a forwarding script to get a radio port to connect to another radio port via VHF to Perris, CA and/or if Internet is not available in Perris, CA then via  HF to Winters, CA  (about 300 plus miles away from this location).  Response to your email is received the same way it was sent out.   

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