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Who, What, Where . . .

   The PAREDN - Philippine Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network is a group

of Amateur Radio Stations with a primary goal to work on building a Data Network in the Philippines, and support Emergency & Non-Emergency Communication groups. Our secondary goal is to provide the local agencies, PAREDN expert volunteers that can help them with their communication needs in the event of a disaster emergency. Our third goal is to create a special communication team that can travel at a short notice and with all technical communication gear in hand to disaster areas that needs communication support.  


Network Services

 The PAREDN Network provides a number of communication system to the community. In the event of a Disaster Emergency, the PAREDN network can use the Internet to get emails / messages to intended recipients. PAREDN volunteers working on local agencies can get the email/messages out even without internet access on the disaster areas. Inter-agency peer to peer connections is also available. Chat services between agencies and a mapping feature is also available to see volunteer stations on a map. Our volunteers also use Templates that makes sending data easy and accurate. 


 Here below are the system network services available to local agencies through our PAREDN volunteer experts. 


        The Winlink Gateway is a system used all over the world by amateur radio stations to send email / messages using VHF / UHF / HF radio and Telnet.  

  • BPQ32 BBS    

      The BBS provides Bulletins / Personal mails and takes care of forwarding emails/messages out of the Disaster area even without the Internet. 

  • BPQ32 CHAT / VARA Chat     

       Chat services between only 2 agencies or a chat with a number of agencies is available in the network system.

  •  APRS

       Automatic Packet Reporting System is available to get short messages/email out of the Disaster area. 




Become a PAREDN 

Expert  Volunteer

There are a number of ways to get involved in our PAREDN group network. One is by becoming a PAREDN expert volunteer. You will get to provide your community the needed

back-up in the event that the

local resource for 

communication is disabled due to a disaster emergency. As a volunteer, you will be assigned in a local agency to provide them access to our PAREDN network and assist them in getting their email/messages in / out of the disaster areas. 


        Become a PAREDN           Gateway System Operator         

  By becoming one of our PAREDN Gateway System Operator, you can volunteer your location and/or equipment to setup one of our Winlink Gateway that provides the main point of connection for our PAREDN Expert Volunteers & the Ham Radio community.                              



Become a PAREDN Sponsor


There are a number of ways to be a sponsor. You can elect to help with providing your own equipment and location or only lend the equipment or only provide the location.   


  Equipment needed in setting                up a Gateway     


  • VHF Radio 

  • Mini PC with 12volts supply

  • Soundcard Interface

  • Coaxial Cable

  • Antenna 

  • Power Supply                           



In the Bayanihan frame of mind   

by Lot Marquez


 In 1960, President John F. Kennedy challenge the young Americans students in Michigan University to be willing volunteers to serve their country and the cause of peace.  In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan said "No matter how big and powerful government gets, and the many services it provides, it can never take the place of volunteers. " But long before these American Presidents challenged and said those words, we the Filipinos have always been a testament to this monumental idea. Volunteerism is ingrained in the Filipino psyche. We have Bayanihan long before they even thought about it. In every natural disaster our community of volunteers, with the Bayanihan frame of mind will always be there willing to help.                        





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